A Collection of Anecdotes

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

I woke up on Wednesday morning (Nov. 16th) and realized I was already running late for a photo opp with one of Mason’s staff photographers, Alexis. As I’m rushing to get ready, I try to think of ways to depict my daily morning routine so as to show the whole wide world what it is that I do every lovely morning (or at least on a good morning, right?) So I look for my colorful mug and start making some tea…typically I brew coffee, but time was against me, so I made some delicious yerba mate (popular in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile). I grab my Changing India book and run downstairs to meet her as previously arranged.

*Sigh* Her camera equipment…she sets up her wonderful, wonderful Nikon equipment and makeshift light box (I think that’s what she called it). I sat down on one of the couches on Lincoln 1st and pretended to read about Indian economic expansion while drinking South American tea…..yep, that’s the gist of my mornings…it went rather well! Ya might see me online or on print sometime soon…?

On Thursday, at around 4:15pm, I remember running out of my internship lab to head over to class (ironically it’s an Indian anthropology class) at 4:30pm. Now…for 2.5 hour-long classes, I need some caffeine. That’s just how it is. I walk into La Patisserie in the Johnson Center to grab some drip coffee. I remember putting sugar in my coffee and telling the lady that was cleaning the station: “Le prometo que no voy a dejarle un relajo” (I promise I won’t make a mess.) She told me not to worry about it; that without a mess, she wouldn’t have a job. Talk about optimism! She just lit up my day. We had a short conversation about students having to take care of themselves with so much caffeine intake, and how much she works a week, and how she no longer has to struggle too much with onerous work because it’s time for her to relax at her age…it was a very lovely conversation. I walked away with a smile and didn’t mind arriving to class a few minutes late. I was hoping some optimism had rubbed off on me so that I could get through class (not really, my Indian class is awesome).

Friday comes around and it’s just a hot mess. I took the Metro to Suitland, MD for my internship (so from the Vienna Metro Station…that’s just over 2 hours!). It wasn’t too bad considering I was listening to some music the whole time-I consider that much-needed “me” time. Coming back after a full day of work was draining, and so instead of getting a head start on my work like a good little girl, I watched TV. I hadn’t watched TV in such a long time (over a week-haha!) that it almost felt surreal. So I can’t remember what exactly I was watching for the most part, though I do remember checking out a new series on Vh1 Classic called “Metal Evolution”. The same anthropologist/metalhead, Sam Dunn (and his buddy Scott McFayden) that made Global Metal and Heavy: A Headbanger’s Journey made this new series!! It’s so awesome! It basically traces the origins and evolution of heavy metal. Anywho, afterwards I popped in a DVD that came with the latest Opeth (Swedish melodic metal band) album named Heritage. It was basically about the making of the album, and it was great! I just love that band; they are one of the few groups that can never disappoint. It was just relaxing…sometimes you just have to chill! And that’s something I have learned the hard way this semester. I made some glorious chocolate mousse in the microwave as well….ah…heaven. I don’t know WHY I didn’t take a picture of that…

Similarly, I woke up just in time to watch Metal Mania on Saturday morning. This is how I get my hair metal fix (I know…I wasn’t even born yet when they came out…). Later I went over to Fenwick Library to get some books for research and I gave in to buying pretzels and hummus in the Johnson Center. I ate them peacefully outside by the Quad (and reflectively…ya need some hummus and pretzels for some mental organization!). Perfect weather, too! The research part? Uh…not so much…

On Monday night – and you might not believe this 😉 – I pulled another all nighter. Gasp! I had to work on a massive presentation due at 9am on Tuesday and then some French homework. Well, since I tend to be someone who worries sick about assignments, can I just say that my presentation went great and I turned in my homework online even though I skipped my French class to sleep? (I need to stop doing that). The great part about pulling an all nighter was walking over to Starbucks with 3 of my residents and just acting silly all the way over there (it’s a +10 minute walk from Presidents Park). Mind you, this was 2:30am. Pretty adventurous- I don’t even think I needed the coffee at that point. Come Tuesday morning, I slept for one hour before I had to rush over to class and present. It’s amazing what the brain can still do with one hour of sleep!! Avoid it, though. I had to wait until after 6:15pm to finally get home and sleeeeeeeep…ah….sleeeeep. And then Thanksgiving comes…

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