A Green Machine State of Mind

by Hayley, a Patriot Blogger

Hello, readers! 🙂 I hope all has been well since I last wrote!

We’re into the home stretch of the semester; next week is Thanksgiving Break, and a few weeks after that, finals will be over and it’ll be time to go home for Winter Break. It’s crazy that my last fall semester of undergrad will be over soon.

The past few days have been packed full of Green Machine gigs. Last Friday was the doubleheader home opener, with the women playing American University and the men playing Rhode Island. The women lost (though it was a very close game) and the men won in overtime, 92-90. It was an intense finish!

On Saturday, the band packed up and headed over to the RAC (Recreational Athletic Complex) for the women’s volleyball game. It was senior night, and one of the senior’s moms had requested that we play at the game. We had a ton of fun! It was great to play in a new atmosphere and for new fans.

Sunday brought with it another women’s game, this time against Oakland. We won, 59-48. Hooray!

Monday morning rolled around, and the Green Machine boarded a bus and headed to Blacksburg, Virginia, home of the Virginia Tech Hokies. We played in the NIT Preseason Tournament over the past two days, losing first to Florida International University (which was a surprise and a real bummer) and winning tonight against Monmouth. Despite Monday night’s loss, the Green Machine never lost its energy and its enthusiasm for the team. We are some of the basketball team’s biggest supporters and fans, no matter what. 🙂

This post is coming to you all at 4:00am, as we just returned from Blacksburg about an hour or so ago. I finished up the tiniest bit of homework I had left, and now I’m off to sleep for a few hours before my 9:00 class. It’s been a crazy few days, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for anything in the world. I love my Green Machine family and Mason Basketball!