A story about finals in photos

by Grant, a Patriot Blogger

So now that you have viewed some of the photos, I will explain them.  The first photo is of our messy apartment.  If you can’t tell, it is a little messy but we have gotten into the spirit.  One of my roommates and I love Christmas so of course we have to decorate.  It also makes the room more liveable especially during this stressful time.  My second exam was take home so I began my trip to deliver it at around 11:55.  The second picture is of the view once I get out of my apartment.  I really like the location of my apartment because it is so close to the center of campus.  There are not many people walking around during finals because everyone is either studying, in class, or at home.  So I began my walk across campus but I always try to get the most out of my trips so I had to do other things while I was out.  First I dropped by the PAB (or the Preforming Arts building for those not down with acronyms).  The great thing about being in with the music department folks is the free snakcs and lounge.  There is always someone hanging out or something going on.  Luckily for me, during finals, the friends of music give free food to the music department and they leave it for people to snack on.  Although this is far from the only source of free food on campus during finals, being a part of the music department makes me feel less like a jerk for taking it.  After only seeing one brother hanging out I had to move on.  The next two pictures, number four and number five, are walking shots from both corners of the Johnson Center, called fondly the JC.  My destination was the science and technology building 1, pictured in the right hand side of photo number six.  So after making it to Science and Tech 1, I walked in and handed in my final, two 3-5 pages essays.  To be perfectly honest, I did not put in as much effort into this class as I should have but after having a late night chat with my brothers, I destroied my final.  So I happily turned in the paper and walked out of the building and towards the mail room.  Number seven is a picture of construction going on to add to the back of the Science and Tech buildings.  Construction is just something you gotta get used to here.  With a place like Mason, the updating, renovating, and innovating never stops and that is just the way I like it.  Seeing the planned buildings is interesting and I can’t wait to see them in real life.  Picture number eight is a nice shot of Southside.  One of the best places to eat on campus and a nice looking bulding to boot.  One of the coolest things that has happened to me at Southside is that I was allowed to go onto the second floor patio.  This is usually blocked off but my fraternity was allowed to give a rooftop mini-concert for a scavenger hunt earlier this year.  The next picture, number 9 if you are following along at home, is of the newly renovated side of Student Union Building Two called SUB 2 or now The Hub.  As you can see there is a class of 2014 sign.  Each year during orientation, the freshmen sign their sign and it stays by George all year and then it gets moved around.  It is just a real reminder of how excited I was to come to Mason and how much I love it and my goal of graduation.  The next picture, number 10, is a picture of the mailroom.  It isn’t much to look at but I am there all the time.  If you live on campus you get a mailbox and an address.  I get cards from my family and magazines so I am a frequent visitor.  The whole reason I was down there was to pick up a package.  It ended up being a book for my study abroad.  This may come as a surprise but study abroads are not vacations.  You get credit and you have to do work.  The 15 page paper I am doing for mine is not exciting but I can’t wait to get on the plane and take my talents to the fatherland.  The next two pictures are pictures of the office.  Orientation was one of the best experiences of my life and working in this section of Student Life was amazing.  Although I am not employed there at the moment, I still drop by at least once a week to talk to people and hang out.  I go from right to left and hit every office and talk to everyone.  Having such a tight relationship with my old bosses is the best.  ‘They have really helped me make decisions and just been good listeners to my problems.  I am applying to work there again so wish me luck and you may see me when you eventually come to Mason.  So I made my way back from the office and hit up the JC for lunch.  There were a ton of people there, see picture 13.  At the end of the semester everyone tries to get rid of their meal plans so they buy a lot of food and it is also finals week so people are there studying.  One of the coolest things about Mason is that, although it is huge, I always see at least one person I know every time I go to the JC.  After buying my lunch, I walked home and ended up stopping to two friends on the way back.  Picture 14 is my desk and my food.  I have become addicted to the Italian place and I eat there at least once a day.  Also, you will notice that I am a little messy.  I am never super neat but I try to keep all my things in order but studying for finals has kept me from really picking up at much as I want to.  The last three shots are on my walk to my penultimate exam.  I was super worried about it and I studied very hard for it.  Luckily it turned out ok and I am expecting a good grade on it.  I still have one exam left and I am studying all weekend for it.  I wish you the best as we wrap up the year and a much deserved break to all the students.  Happy Holidays.  I have no planned idea for what my next blog will be about but it will probably be things from my study abroad.  So stay tuned, get excited , and enjoy.