An Unforgettable Year

PL Denisha

by Denisha, a Patriot Blogger

I’ve been trying to think of the perfect word to sum up my freshman year.

Interesting? Fun? Difficult? Eventful? Enjoyable? T-shirts? Inspiring?

The stress of finals is over for me and summer is only a few days away. I’d never been through that kind of stress for a final exam. All the gifs and pictures about finals make sense to me now. It’s a stressful time, even if you already have an A in a class you have an exam in. Sitting in a JC  study room for hours on end with two other people hoping for the same thing: a passing grade and to be done with the course so that they can taste the sweet release of summer.

Although, I am taking a summer class online, so I won’t be totally free until June 20th.

Over this past year, I’ve gotten the chance to meet some really great people who are diverse and equally great to be around. People who I’ve able to have good conversation with and have given me new perspectives and opened my mind to new ideas.

I’ve joined organizations that have enabled me to grow in different ways, learn more about myself, and gain more skills in the process.

I’ve also had all really good professors this year who were very accessible and always willing to help if need be.

I’ve been blessed to have a roommate who I got along with great (Someone even commented saying, “I see you two together a lot, I think that’s awesome.”), and who motivated me to go actually go to the gym more.

I struggled with deciding if I really want to stick with being a communication major or if I should switch to global affairs. I struggled thinking of the future and stressed myself out because I kept focusing on building my résumé rather than focusing on what I can handle and what I actually want to do (through talks with my professors and my good friends, I think I’ve decided on being a global affairs major with a concentration in global inequalities and responses and a minor in communication).

I’ve gotten endless free t-shirts and Mason gear.

I’ve been thinking about one word that I could use to sum up my freshman year.


The laughter, the friendships, the lessons learned, mistakes made, it’s all one giant learning experience that I will certainly take with me in the future.  From wandering around campus anxiously wondering if I’d make friends, to going to Cru for the first time with Julianne (where I’m now leading a small group in next year!), to volunteering by mulching at Providence Park for Mason’s first BIG Event and studying for finals with coffee and Red Bull with Ivan and Ronni, these memories help me realize how much I love college. Yeah, it’s difficult, but I finally understand what people mean when they say that college was some of the best years of their lives.

Not quite out in “the real world” but teaching us how to prepare for it.

And because of such a year that required more of an adjustment than I realized, it’s so tempting to just go back and lounge around all day now that summer is just around the corner.

But I challenge you. Do something worthwhile this summer. Stimulate your mind. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, too, but keep your mind sharp. Learn a new hobby, make a short film, play the guitar, take a road trip, get a job, volunteer with a nonprofit, do something spontaneous. It’ll be so worth it.

I was trying to think of a really creative quote to leave you all with, but that proved to be unsuccessful, so instead I’ll just allow you to come up with your own. You know, be innovative and all…it is tradition, after all 🙂 (I had to throw that in somewhere 😉 )

Have a great summer! 🙂