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A glimpse of the last 3 weeks…

Posted: December 19, 2011

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

Finished!!! The Fall 2011 semester is officially over (well, it’s been over for me since last Thursday). I’ve been recovering since…I’ve slept an average of 12 hours a day to make up for quite a bit of sleep deprivation. It feels great now! I do feel human again…I will be on campus up until the 21st since RAs go through a semi-closing process of the residence halls. So far, grades are good (you check them after ever semester on Patriotweb) and I am definitely already looking forward to the next semester…

I’ve been on the down low for 3 weeks now, it seems; however, I’ve made sure to take pictures all this time to give a glimpse of how I’ve managed to survive. Yay!

In the beginning of December, I was part of a panel for the Early Identification Program where seniors interested in attending George Mason visited the campus and spoke to EIP alumni and other non-EIP student leaders about life at Mason. It was great to serve as inspiration for them-hopefully I get to see them next semester when I tutor once again!

That day, the housekeeping member for Adams (my building last year) called me and gave me breakfast! As an RA, you work closely with housekeeping, and they are the most genuine and hard-working people I have ever met. Last year, I became very good friends with Eva just like this year I am happy to work with Nelda. Heck, they bring you breakfast!! I didn’t bother taking a picture of it because I wanted to devour it immediately. It was fried beans and plantains, a typical breakfast in Central America! It brought back really good memories…

I did take a few pictures of my meal a few hours later, though….and yes, it’s tofu scramble again! This time, I prepared it as I often prepare it. The recipe will be in my next post, so stay tuned! Here’s a shot of it.


On a different note…I got my other lens!!! I am in love!!Here are a few quick and random shots that I took with my new 50mm Nikkor lens:

This isn't the 50mm; it's the 18-55mm-the one that I use 90% of the time...but the picture was taken with the 55mm! :)


Random picture of the Coke Zero cup that I got earlier that day as a free sample!

I do a lot of photography when I need to relax, especially landscape photography. I have a great view from my room and I know I’ve posted a few shots already. Here are some more pictures of the falling leaves…already auburn and dark gold…with the moon in the background!

With the moon...


Un-sharpened image of a full color...



On the Sunday before my major sociology paper was due (it was an ordeal!), I bought Chinese food as part of our Sunday tradition. Most RAs order from Hunan Shrimp Boat, which is literally down the street. This time I decided to try Peking Village II which is further down Old Lee Highway. Soooo good!! My residents definitely enjoyed it, if you can’t tell by the pictures below…

My girls even helped me out with my bulletin board that night. Whew! It looked cute, and I totally appreciated the help when I was busy with schoolwork. A shout out to them! I’ll miss so many people over break!

This might be my last post for the semester, although I am already working on a long post regarding cooking in the residence halls…without a kitchen! I have so many recipes and tricks for people with specific dietary needs (like veganism) and those who want a break from campus food…or are too lazy to walk and get it! Have a safe and fun-filled winter break, friends!

More coffee and new lens!

Posted: December 3, 2011

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

This week has been great!! So I’m sitting in my room, drinking some dark roast coffee (Café El Indio from Honduras, to be precise) and I’ve been playing around with my new AF-S DX VR 55-200mm Nikkor lens!!! I’m in love!! I’ve been taking pictures of the trees outside (the leaves are changing beautifully-they’re auburn at the moment).

Since coming back on campus from home, I’ve set to work right away considering there are A LOT of papers due during the next two weeks. I actually went to an interesting talk on Tuesday regarding the Occupy movements in DC (a possible research topic for me in the future). I got to hear Kevin Zeese (one of the Occupy DC founders) as well as faculty discuss their work/research/opinions on the movements. Very enlightening? Yes. It was also for extra credit for my sociology class, so that was a plus. When you’re at Mason, you’ll notice every single day there are at least 4 lectures. It’s impossible to go to all of them, just like it is impossible to go to all of the events on campus since there are SO many.

Wednesday was my regular tutor day. Sadly it was the last day of tutoring for this semester, so my colleagues and I went all out at Sunflower in Falls Church!! For those of you not in the area, or who’ve never been, Sunflower is an all vegetarian restaurant (most of their stuff is vegan, actually). There are two locations: Falls Church and Vienna. Soooo good! I wish I had my camera handy then, because I had the most glorious orange chik’n (chik’n=vegan) with veggies and brown rice. I couldn’t breathe for the following 5 hours, though…

Today has been very relaxed since my internship day at the collections facility for the NMAI was cancelled. I went to a meeting earlier and now I’ve been obsessed with my new lens. I even made 2 collages:

Consider this the EPIC presentation of my new lens. ALL HAIL NIKKOR!!


The first official photos with my new lens!

I miss my puppy, though! Buddy seems to be quite popular here on the blog, so here’s another treat:

Buddy is watching my mom go upstairs to the deck...then he watches out for our neighbors' cats.


Posted: November 26, 2011

by Gabriela, a Patriot Blogger

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Err…at least Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I got back home in Leesburg, VA on Tuesday evening-drained and super sleep deprived. I think I watched Mars Needs Moms with my little sister and then I went to sleep at 11pm. I woke up at 2:13pm….that’s over 15 hours of sleep. You know you’re sleep deprived when you sleep for that long!! Wednesday was spent watching movies…and that’s about it. Thursday….yep, watched movies (Limitless is a FANTASTIC movie-please watch it!). We ate our Thanksgiving meal at around 4:30pm and everyone but me was stuffed (I’m not a big stuff-yourself-to-discomfort kind of person). I did top it off with some soy chocolate ice cream, strawberries, and pecans. Epic! Today, while everyone else went crazy beating up others to get items, deals, and whatever else, I slept until 2pm and played video games with my little sister. Later, I scoured Amazon for some good deals on camera lenses (and let me tell you: I managed to find 2 Nikkor lenses + their protective accessories for just over $300!!)

So since my break hasn’t been that adventurous (and it’s meant to be that way), I’ve been taking a few pictures here and there. My models have been my little sister and our dog, Buddy. Ta daaa:

Our elegant little boy, Buddy


Aww, my little sister and Buddy cuddling


Beautiful, big brown eyes...


My little sister


Sleepy eyes


Getting ready to play some Mario Kart!