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By Pete Saenz, an Admissions Counselor

Since the dawn of time, mankind has pondered upon the most pivotal of questions that define our very existence: are we alone in the universe? Which came first: the chik-fila sandwich or the egg mcmuffin? Where did I leave my Mason ID? Why am I reading this in Morgan Freeman’s voice? And perhaps most importantly: what, of the countless clubs and organizations, will a freshmen patriot choose to be a part of, and where will there Mason story begin to be written?

Valid questions all across the board. Fortunately for the indecisive among us: there are over three hundred different clubs and organizations to be a part of. Whereas scrambling across rooftops and backflipping off of fountains and statues may be the way of the Parkour Club, the Anime Club on the other hand goes the way to the captioned cartoon warrior, saying hello to their kitties and Kon’nichiwa to their animated associates . Whereas the quidditch club may give broomsticks to chase gold clothed snitches all across campus, the nationally ranked Forensics team may debate to the bitter end, and audibly inspire any and all eardrums in their path. And where paddles may be cleverly crafted and passed from little to big in most of the thirty-five greek lettered organizations to which over ten percent of the student population belong, they are beacons of hope for the fans of liberty and justice in the ping pong club.

In all, Mason has something for everyone when it comes to student involvement. Thanks to the Office of Student Involvement, located in the Hub right above the mailroom, the Mason IDEA goes above and beyond the call of duty of merely having anything and everything there is and ever will be for students to be involved with, but by being on the cutting edge of consistently adding more and more clubs each and every day just to keep up with students’ ever growing interest. So strap on your battle helmets, and grab your foam swords, because it’s time for some celebratory larping in the old quad with the Live Action Role Play Club. FOR MASON!!!