Busy, Busy

by Grant, a Patriot Blogger

There are a lot of things that have happened to me this week that I will talk about.  Over the weekend, I was in Winchester, VA.  I was there for a major event in my Fraternity.  Ok, do not get turned off from finishing reading this just because I said the word fraternity.  I know it is somewhat of a dirty word for people coming to college.  To most, when someone says something about greek life, everyone jumps right to the stereotypical animal house or just think of party boys who don’t do anything but drink, sleep, and eat.  To be a hundred percent fair, there is some of that, but that idea is nothing like my Fraternity.  My fraternity is called Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, we are a social fraternity aimed at winning the world to harmony by uplifting others through music.  Unfortunately, because we love music that precludes us from being part of “Greek Life” on campus, or because we aren’t part of some umbrella organization.  I don’t really know, but we are social.  Anyway, we had a coming together of brothers (we call ourselves Sinfonians) from around the area for a weekend at Shenandoah University.  Our national fraternity is broken down into provinces which are little groupings chapters.  Ours is province 27 which includes, Shenandoah University, Howard University, Morgan State University, University of Delaware, Sheppard University, Delaware State University (which is a colony, so it isn’t a chapter yet) and of course GMU!  So I spent all weekend hanging out with everyone which was a blast until I almost got stuck in Winchester.  The guy who was supposed to give me a ride home got sick and ended up being stuck in fairfax so I almost had to walk home.  But Grant, most of you will say, you have a cell phone why not just call someone?  Ahh, I dropped my phone in the toilet so I don’t have a phone anymore but back to the action.  Thankfully someone was able to give me a ride home and I was good.  Monday, one of my roommates walked into the room looking upset and handed me a probationary member (what we call pledges) pin.  It was his little brothers.  This means that he quit pledging and this was my roommate’s second little who couldn’t finish the process.  Both of them had issues with time, the process does not involve anything hard, immoral, or bad but it is just time consuming.  We had a long talk about it and I tried to cheer him up, but that really hurts.  We try to pick them the best we can but it doesn’t always work out.  This brings us to Tuesday.  Tuesday was important because the Faculty Adviser of our chapter (who became a brother in 1962) won a national award for his work as a conductor.  The award is called the Signature Sinfonian, an award that Andy Griffith won (yeah he is a brother too, along with Ruben Studdard).  This award was only given to seven people this year so he is joining an elite group of brothers.  So over all Phi Mu Alpha has been keeping me busy and has been on my mind.  The picture above is of our faculty adviser wearing his first jersey (it was one we got him and he never had letters before).