Campus Favorites Part II

by Jenny, a Patriot Blogger

I’ve gone to bed dreaming about Southside’s omelets.  Available with a variety of vegetables, ham, cheese, and even an egg whites only option, these hearty combinations are the perfect start to a long day of classes.


If you’ve got a hankering for chicken and don’t feel like going to Southside, pay a visit to Mason’s sports bar, The Rathskeller, for the grilled chicken sandwich.  The Rathskeller has twelve flat screen TV’s, perfect for Monday night football games.

For more of a kick, try Sangam in the JC food court for some spicy Indian food.  My go-to combination is the butter chicken, yellow rice, naan and vegetable samosa.

Waffles all day every day!  Southside has two waffle makers that are open for use all day, along with warm syrup, butter, whipped cream and fruit toppings.  More adventuresome waffle-eaters may opt for an avalanche of chocolate chips toppling down an mountain of vanilla ice cream.

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