Choosing your college: determining the ideal fit

MattBoyceBy Matthew Boyce, Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Tis the season. Now is the time most seniors should be narrowing that college list, checking it twice, trying to find out which school is naughty or nice, or rather is a good fit or not.

I have heard many college admissions professionals liken the college search process to buying a new pair of jeans or a new car, saying it’s all about the right fit or the best options for you. But really this process is unlike any other decision you will make in your life.

To help you streamline the process, when making this choice, your list should be something like this:

  • Where do I want to live?
  • What do I want to study?
  • What size school feels right for me?
  • Can I afford to attend?
  • Will I be admitted to the school?

When the Mason Admissions team speaks to students about this process, we use this graphic to discuss that perfect college fit.


So as you take the final steps in this process, remember to keep this criteria central to your search. Hopefully these questions will be answered as you step onto a college campus and you get “that feeling” — the feeling that this could be home for the next four years. That feeling that this school will prepare you most for what comes next.

When you consider your future and what you believe will be the college for you, know first and foremost that there is more than one college, in fact there are over 4000 options out there. But I always like to remind students that there is only one George Mason University. Take a chance, come visit, apply, and decide.

Even if you don’t choose Mason, remember to consider the criteria, ask tough questions of admissions folks, and arm yourself with all the facts and information, because it’s your next four years and your future, make the most of them.