College in the Park

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

Most freshmen live in President’s Park, also known as the Park.

I am one of those freshman.

I say, ‘those’ because I often wonder if commuters who have to wait as clumps of freshman return from classes and cross the crosswalk recognize us for our age group, or solely because of our section of campus.

Even if it’s its own section of campus, it really is quite beautiful, especially in nice weather. When you’re not holding an umbrella, wrapping your books in trash bags, or slushing along in rain boots, you can admire the set-up of the Park: all these buildings facing each other, focusing on Eisenhower, the Green, and Ike’s.

Essentially, when you walk to or from class, you’re not alone; you’re also not the only freshman because you’re surrounded by your peers. Though I have yet to go to one, there are often movies on ‘the green,’ a community event with free ice cream and gifts!

However, the main focus of this blog is Ike’s. For me, Ike’s embodies college life: Popular music and videos, texting requests, breakfast food served at nine o’clock p.m. to early morning… it’s a blast! Most of the time you can find someone else to go with you to Ike’s, whether it’s Thursday night spending that meal plan or just a fun trip to hang-out and enjoy comfort food.

Tonight my floor filtered to Ike’s in groups, depending on how quick people finished studying for their Communications exam–good luck floor mates! Eventually, most of us were eating, singing, passing around glasses and analyzing prescription lenses. We made fun of random videos, we texted our favorite song requests, we commented on the Katy Perry v. Lady Gaga feud. We sang to soulful songs by Gnarls Barkley and pretended the milk bottles were microphones, not minding the sometimes shocked looks of bystanders.

Even if it was only an hour or so, it was an amazing break from the often crazy life associated with education; the best part about the park, though, is that you can always head down the path under the stars and find yourself some good music and yummy pancakes.