Consider this my Eharmony introduction…

by Zach, a Patriot Blogger 

What’s going on?!  Welcome to the next website to take the world wide web by storm; I’m anticipating Facebook numbers in terms of daily hits (I’m a dreamer).  To any fellow Patriots who may eventually stumble upon this blog, hopefully I make you all proud, and to those of you here to learn a little more about being a student here at George Mason, I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hopes you’ll learn something.

It’s going to be quite a year, and just as a quick introduction (on top of my bio, which you’ll find under “The Patriot Bloggers” tab at the top of your screen) I’ll give you the speed dating rundown on who I am.

My name is Zach, and I will be graduating in May 2012 with a B.S. in Criminology, Law, and Society with a concentration in Homeland Security and Justice.  Here’s where it gets a little tricky; though I will absolutely be finishing up in a few months, I am TECHNICALLY (in title only) a junior.  I am in the middle of a 22 credit hour semester (!) and I plan on finishing up with 25 credits in the spring to wrap it all up, so you can say I’m a little busy.  A quick review of my schedule: Biology, Bioterrorism Law and Policy (awesome), Homeland Security, Law and Justice Around the World, a course built around my internship, and the CLS department honors seminar, in which we’re doing some research into sexual assault victimization.  It’s a pretty wide range of topics, but even with all of the work I’m having a blast so far this semester.  Outside of the classroom, I’m interning with the Department of Homeland Security three days a week and am working with several organizations on campus (you’ll hear plenty about those as the semester goes on).  I like to spend my weekends taking a deep breath, dreaming of long walks on the beach, doing some community service projects, exploring the greatest city on earth (our nation’s capital), and maybe fitting in a conference or two.

Yes, I like to stay busy.

As you’ll find out over the next few months, I have a lot going on and usually even more to talk about.  As we go on, feel free to hit me with questions or ideas for future posts either here in the comments section or I’m even accessible via Twitter (@USAandCHIPOTLE).  I’ll work on livening things up with some pictures and whatever else seems to fit to keep you entertained, it’s a learning process so you’ll have to bear with me a little bit.  It’s going to be a great year, and I can tell I love you already.  I’ll start brainstorming some sort of clever sign off phrase also, so we have some closure…