DC 101- DC’s Rock Station

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

‘Good afternoon to everyone in the DC area on this crisp Saturday, thanks for listening to DC 101.’

Yes. This past Saturday I had the chance to shadow DJ Khan at DC 101, a top radio station for the DMV (DC, MD, VA). As it turns out,  DJ Khan is actually an advisor for the College of Science at GMU and offered to show some students how radio really works. Interestingly, the station is located only minutes from my house, meaning I got to eat at my favorite diner with some cheese fries galore.

Even more startling than my cheese fry adventure, ClearChannel owns all the top competitors for DC’s radio, including 99.5, 98.7, 97.1, and even 100.3! That means that you can walk on the sixth floor of the cool pink building with tinted blue windows, passing by several ON AIR radio stations by each door, all of whom are reaching out to similar audiences.

It. was. so. cool.


I learned that even if you are an announcer for a station, you actually don’t make the playlists. Sure, if you run over minutes for the hour you can delete songs, but there is a music producer who composes the playlists far in advance. Also, DC 101 is a station that does not air callers, but I did get to witness callers requesting music and that whole drama.

So, if you want to see a little taste of radio, including what the production studios look like, and other DJ’s from other stations, I recommend checking out this video and furthermore, Khan’s site on DC 101, who actually just received his master’s degree from GMU.

Go Patriots!

DC 101’s Khan Are a Graduate

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