Don’t mess with Texas

by Jamie Moynihan, Assistant Director of Admissions

Fall is certainly the busiest time of year for any Admissions Counselor.  There is never down time between office responsibilities, playing in my band Oh So Peligroso,  traveling across the country to meet prospective students and constantly thinking about Fantasy Football.

I just returned from my first week of travel to the great state of Texas where I always have a blast when I visit.  I went to my first Texas High School football game, listened to dozens of live bands and even ate fried alligator!

This year I met with dozens of students from Dallas to San Antonio to discuss the true impact that George Mason University can have over their lives.  Living just outside Washington D.C. gives students the opportunity to have a sense of community while still being afforded all the luxuries of out nation’s capitol.  It was amazing to see the excitement from students about all of campus opportunities whether they were academic, athletic, or performing arts.

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 While my trip was great, it certainly is good to be back home because we have plenty of projects happening on campus.  Our daily information sessions and tours, the Open House event on October 23rd and everything in between will keep us very busy!