Fall Time

by Heather, a Patriot Blogger

Dear Future Masonites,

It finally feels like fall outside today and I can see the sun. I don’t know about you guys, but I was getting tired of all this rain! Since I’m only a freshman I have no idea what fall is like in Virginia, but I was told that it is BEAUTIFUL especially on Mason’s campus…I cannot wait for all the trees to start changing colors, I will definitely post a picture for everyone to see when they do!!

Anyway, today is my one day of relaxation before a hectic end of the week begins. I can’t believe that I have two midterms this week, which is crazy! Normally I associate midterms with the cold, dreary days of January/February, not October! Tomorrow is my first college midterm and I’m sooooo nervous….I have no idea what kind of test to expect from my computer science professor, because how do you really test programming besides giving us a problem and saying write the program to solve this problem?? In that case, I’m definitely nervous…it’s not that I don’t know how to do it or anything, there are just soooooooo many small little details, but, i’ll start worrying about that after my study break =)

Even though I have been here at Mason for almost 2months now, I’m still having new firsts everyday. Like today I got my first Auntie Anne’s pretzel from the shop in Tidewater (it’s right next to Southside and the pretzels are just as amazing as they are at home)! I definitely recommend treating yourself to some of the yummy treats on campus when you visit, but the best treat of all is right across from campus in University Mall (off of Braddock Road….im pretty sure, but it’s within walking distance of all the dorms, mines the furthest away =( ). There’s a frozen yogurt place called Josie’s, where it’s self-serve frozen yogurt and you can add whatever topping you want!! Here’s the best part…its only $0.43 an ounce which is a great deal for a sweet treat!!

Anyway, I guess study break time is up…I’ll let you know how my first midterms at college were in my next post!
~love, Heather