Feeling like Newton under a Mason Tree

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

Reporting to you not so live from the Johnson Center’s outside picnic area, this is Kathleen! As I’ve just finished meeting with a professor and have some time to relax before another class, I found myself drawn outside to enjoy this wonderful weather! To be honest, my favorite thing in the world is the sound of crickets. For some reason it reminds me of safety, comfort, home. Therefore, George Mason was easily adaptable because all I have to do is walk outside or prop open my dorm window, and I’d be reminded of the universality of nature.

Perhaps you’re wondering the purpose of this blog. Well, campus is so much prettier when it’s nice out. It’s not to say when it’s raining it’s not pretty, in fact rain does have its own beauty if you’re not driving in it, but it’s hard to notice the beauty of nature, of fresh air, when you’re in a rush to get from place to place.

As of now, I’m just sitting outside of the JC, taking a rare breath of fresh air before I head back to tasks A, B, and C. It’s beautiful and calming to sit on a bench underneath of a shedding leaf tree, listening to the rustle of the wind and hum of people’s voices and laughter. Another beauty of college life here at GMU is that everyone is doing their own thing; whether it’s typing a blog on a computer, catching a snack and making important phone calls, or even studying before class, you’ll see it.

The thing is, you can see it everywhere when it’s nice out. Therefore, nature is the unifying factor, or as a Math nerd, least common multiple, amongst every student, no matter how diverse he or she is.

You notice, too, that unless you’re on a crunch timeline, you’ll slow your pace between classes or meetings, you’ll breathe more deeply, actually look at where you’re going to see not just the faces surrounding you, but the leaves and architecture of the building.

Maybe this posts sounds cheesy or maybe it’s not the typical thought of what a college student would blog about to other students, but it’s comforting to know that not everything changes when you go to college, not even every essence of your personality or being will change either: you can still take a few moments to enjoy the life that surrounds you.