Getting Started

by Heather, a Patriot Blogger 

Dear future Masonites,

WELCOME! So since we’re gonna be spending a lot of time together, let’s get the basics down! I am a FRESHMAN here at mason, aka I was in your exact shoes a year ago trying to meet deadlines for college applications and deciding where I wanted to call my new home. A little hint for all of you doing the applications: DO THE HONORS ESSAY!!!!!! It is definitely worth the extra 700 words (or however many it is) because the dorms are nicer than the other freshman dorms. Imagine living suite style with a bathroom for 4 people and possibly your own room…sounds like a sweet deal for a freshman right??
Anyway, I am from Lansdale, PA (i know almost every girl knows where King of Prussia mall is, well I live 30 minutes from there) which is about 3hrs away but those of you that live in this area know how bad that DC and Balitmore traffic can get, so let’s just add on a couple minutes here and there.

Hmm…now you know I’m a freshman, my hometown, and that I’m in the Honors College….that should be enough to get us started.

Oh yeahh, how could I forget…there’s this thing called cross country/xc and track and field that’s basically a sport where “people run until their bones break (aka stress fracture)” (thanks to my teammate Peyton for the quote during practice). Let’s just say running is basically our drug, we’re miserable when we don’t run and complain when we have to run…I think 90% of all athletes reading this will agree with me. Anywayyy…

Life here on campus has flown by the past month and a half, it feels like I just got here for preseason (PS. all prospective student athletes…DEFINITELY CALL/EMAIL THE COACHES, coaches love it when athletes take initiative and contact them first). Now a month into school and in the middle of our xc season, time has literally flown by, which before I got here I never believed anyone when they said that time flies at college because there is always something going on.

Here on campus, you always see signs for events or even tents being put up in the middle of campus, half the time I have no clue what is going on because there is too many events to remember. So if you are worried about finding something to do or keep you occupied on a weekend night, theres definitely something to do and a place to go to.

But sometimes, the never-ending task of laundry presents itself to keep you busy for the night…you would think that laundry would be a nice relaxing, simple task, but it turns out to be a little different when EVERYONE has the same idea as you. Instead of putting my wash in the washer and then coming back around 30min later to then move it to the dryer, it turns into a war of grabbing the first available dryer as soon as your clothes are done. Otherwise, your clothes will probably sit in the washer for a good half hour before the next dryer opens up. And when your clothes are in the dryer, be prepared for someone to move them out of the dryer if you are not there ready to take them out the second they finish BUT 2 hours later I have nice, clean clothes to put away….hmm that’ll be tomorrows task (another plus about college, mom can no longer yell at you to put your clothes away as soon as they are washed, no one will know if you wait until the next day!) but for now I have a date with my pillow and blanket.

~Love, Heather