I Knew You Were Trouble

smileby Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

[See Parody Video of Tay Swift’s Trouble my Roommie and I made below]

There are moments in your life that you want to remember forever; experience them, savor them, and safely cradle them in a chest of nostalgia.

Easter is fast becoming a traditional day of happiness.


Since coming to college, I’ve taken my closest friends and roommates out to lunch my family every Easter since the travel to go home for them is farther than for myself. I cannot describe the feeling of completeness when my families meet each other and get along: my family by blood and my family by choice.

When my father talks with my friends, laughing and making dry humor jokes with them like he does to me, or my stepmom enlightens us on wise college advice, or my brother and sister just make everyone laugh, it’s a feeling worth celebrating.

In a way, we can see it as celebrating change.

 Since coming to college my life has never continuously ever felt so much change; meeting new people, finding my career path [still working on it], and most importantly, discovering who I am and what’s best for me.


Now that I’m facing the end of my sophomore year, I fear change. The sole reason that I have had the best two years of my life at Mason may be the reason I grow up and get separated from my best friends. 

But in order to get through moments of fearing what’s to come in the future and where we are all going to move to and chose to do, it’s important to take a step back and smile. Smile because you’re getting an education, smile because you’ve found your home at Mason. Smile because the friends you’ve made will last through anything life throws at you.


 And finally, smile because there’s still youth left in you to cause trouble. 


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