Just one semester left…

by Adam, a Patriot Blogger

To start things off, I feel it my responsibility to pass along big administrative news that was announced this week.

Mason announced its new president: Angel Cabrera. Cabrera will take over the helm at the university following current President Alan Merten’s June retirement.

Connect2Mason (the student media website I work for) was there to cover the announcement and following press conference.

We’re still learning about Angel Cabrera, but from what we’ve gathered so far he’s the former president of a global management school in AZ and he tweets!

If you’re interested, here’s video of the announcement from the Connect2Mason YouTube account:

In other news, I hit a personal milestone this week.

With the completion of three final papers and one final test this week, I am officially a second semester senior at Mason. Really hard to believe. After high school, I didn’t think four years could ever go by so fast, but they do.

Instead of allowing myself to become overly sentimental, I’m looking forward to a long winter break (a big college perk!). I fly home to New Hampshire tonight and will be on break until January 22, when the second semester starts.

As much as I do love heading home for the extended break, it is always bittersweet having to say goodbye to people you’re used to seeing everyday and now won’t see for over a month. Those people will be friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

I have to say goodbye to my girlfriend today. Before I left though, she gave me her Christmas gift which was too impressive and original not to share…

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I am a pipe smoker. It’s a hobby I’ve enjoyed for the past couple of years. Recently I’ve decided I want to start crafting my own pipes out of briar wood and in order to accommodate an expanding collection I’ve expressed a desire to own a pipe rack, to hold and display them all.

So, for Christmas, my girlfriend decided she would make me a pipe rack. She used some of her Dad’s tools and woodworking knowledge to make this beauty.

It holds 11 pipes with a felted drawer space. Definitely the best Christmas gift I’ve gotten in a long time. No slight to any of the other great gift-givers in my life.

One day I would love to become a self-sustained pipe artisan and make my living drinking coffee and making pipes in a workshop, and taking long breaks to read all the novels I want to read but haven’t. For now, it’s a very enjoyable hobby.

I wish all you prospective Masonites a Happy Holiday season!