Mason’s Open House: Green & Gold

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

Today, GMU’s Admissions Office sponsored the Open House featuring speeches by an alumnus and the Director of Admissions, Sarah Dvorak. Set against the Disney on Ice backdrop, you could feel the energy of the prospective students cheering ‘George Mason’ to the Cheerleaders’ and Pep Band’s performances. As families left the Patriot Center either by foot or in shuttles, the campus had never felt so packed to me through the lenses of my camera! With green gmu string backpacks, spirited Mason ambassadors engaging their groups, the fall leaves in matching accord to the sweaters, the campus was alive!

Justin Timberlake and an array of modern songs in each of the three locations–Southside, Quad, and Clock Tower, helped loosen the atmosphere until families were mingling with burgers and beverages in hand!

In the Johnson Center, departments and professors for a variety of majors answered questions that prospective students had, and Patriot Leaders were also helping direct people in the correct direction.

If anyone saw someone wearing a black GMU sweatshirt with crazy hipster glasses and pink camera, that was me!

So for all the Seniors who came to visit GMU, we hope you enjoyed the events you saw today, learned a lot, and are efficiently applying to join the Mason Nation!