My Mason Moment: Fall Premiere


My first introduction to Mason was through the Fall Premiere. My parents and I had no idea what to expect from it—mom was especially iffy because she attended Mason for her first semester of college and was not impressed, to say the least. I was too nervous to worry about anything else, at the time.

“By the end of the day, I knew Mason was the college for me.”

The energy in the room alone was phenomenal, made even more so by the fact that we were all jittery high schoolers with no idea what to expect. The school itself was beautiful, in that perfect time of fall where just a few of the leaves had fallen, leaving the rest to filter a golden orange light to the ground. Everyone was eager to help, and seemed to genuinely want us there (that didn’t change once I moved in!). A lot of the information given was pretty comprehensive, especially in regards to financial aid, and the dorms showcased were mostly perfect, are a pretty good representation of the dorms across campus (the upperclassmen apartment dorms are bigger).

On the drive home, mom admitted to being blown away—a rare occurrence, since she’s where I get my stubborn inability to admit when I’m wrong—dad was pushing for this to be at least in my top five, and my sister thought it was ‘pretty cool.’ Oh, and I was now firmly a patriot at heart. All I needed was my acceptance letter. I hope at least one person had a similar experience with this year’s Premiere, too!


With Patriot Pride,

Randi, Patriot Blogger