by Adam, a Patriot Blogger

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and this is the first year I am attempting (operative word) to complete 50,000 words of fiction literature by midnight on Nov. 30.

The challenge focuses on bringing writers together to support one another in achieving the task of completing a novel-length work.

The Mason English Department helps organize NaNoWriMo participants at Mason by hosting write-ins and offering support and throughout the month long contest.

At first I was thinking it would be outright foolish for me to attempt this right now, in the midst of classes work, job/internship hunting, student organization involvement. It just seemed like biting off more than I could chew.

It still kind of feels that way…

Still, I decided now is probably as good a time as any. As much as I like to  think it will, I’m not convinced life really will slow down all that much after college so I might as well give it my best shot now while youth and enthusiasm are still on my side.

I’m about 10,000 words in right, so I’m slightly behind where I ought to be. I’m planning on doing quite a bit of writing tonight. Fortunately, since the emphasis is on achieving the word count, considerably less time is spent editing than an ordinary assignment which makes the writing go much faster.

When  I finish, or heaven forbid, throw in the towel, I’ll let you in on my plot line.

Besides writing a lot, I’ve been operating on a relatively normal schedule. We lost our last game so my intramural team finished the season 2-2 and, unfortunately, just missed the playoffs. I start intramural volleyball this weekend so we’ll see how that goes.

Yesterday I met with a professor to talk journalism. Professor Steven Pearlstein is a Business columnist with Washington Post and he teaches government courses here at Mason. He was gracious enough to take time yesterday to meet me for coffee and give me some suggestions and insights into what I can do to be proactive in my job search now, months before my graduation in May.

I’ve found many professors I’ve had at Mason have made themselves very accessible. It’s something I wish I had been able to take more advantage of but when I do, it’s always been fruitful.

I would definitely suggest finding time to meet with professors, especially the ones you enjoy and who teach in a field you are interested in. Also if its a class you think you may struggle in, its always a good idea to become a recognizable face to that professor, especially in the few classes you may have with 200+ students.

Friday is an exciting day for us Mason basketball fans. The men’s and women’s teams open their respective seasons in a doubleheader Friday night. The men’s team is playing Rhode Island. I can’t wait to see how the team comes together with a new coach and several new players.

On that note, I leave you with the highlight from last year’s men’s basketball team. TGIF can’t come soon enough!