Patriot’s Get Loud!

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

In the quad, moving trucks are driving on paths, program board volunteers setting up lights in the trees, vendors setting up machines, artists setting up shop.

EP performs mic checks, volunteers communicate positions, I turn on my camera.

“Welcome to Masons’ annual Patriot Day!”

Every year, students and friends are invited to listen to epic performances, eat cotton candy, popcorn, and/or slushies, have the opportunity to win free things and listen to the featured student orgs talk about new programs!

It’s a party until late in the night where the benches may be packed but the energy is high.

This year I had the cool opportunity to work “behind the scenes” for PB to catch close-up footage of the many different activities.

Check out the video link above to see, through my lens, all that I saw!

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