Saying Goodbye

by Ben, a Patriot Blogger

Well, it’s official. As I learned from Michael Scott on The Office  years ago, Goodbyes stink.

In the past week, I said goodbye to every person in my life. Not a single person from my high school is attending George Mason, so the last week featured me saying goodbye to my family and to all my wonderful friends back home in Victor. It was rough, to say the least. One night, the last night in town with my Co-Captain of the track team Jack (that’s right- he’s Captain Jack) featured a trip for Ice Cream, followed by a spur-of-the-moment sprint round our high school track (I won!) The Bro hug that followed was highly emotional. Things were far worse at a party the night before as literally every girl in attendance broke down into tears, as the guys made awkward side conversations.

But don’t let the lack of tears fool you. For Guys as well as girls, Goodbye’s stink. Luckily, in the age of technology, Goodbye has gotten a lot easier (note- I do not mean it is easier because you can text your mom”ttyl” before leaving for college and expect to get away with it). In the age of facebook, people stay in your lives whether you want them to or not (don’t be afraid of the ‘unfriend button’ for that kid whose locker was next to yours in 7th grade and then moved). It’s never been easier to stay in touch with the people we cherish, through text, facebook, twitter etc. (now, thanks to instagram, you can even see what they’ve had for lunch today!)

But that can be a small consolation when saying goodbye to friends, significant others, families, teachers, neighbors, co-workers etc. For all the connection, you’re still hours upon hours from people you used to see every day. But remember: you’ll see them in person in a few months, you’ll still know every single thing they do if they’re on twitter, and you’re leaving for a good reason- you’re starting an incredible journey at George Mason University! Or wherever else you’re headed to. It’s just a little easier if, in the back of your mind, you can be looking forward to what lies ahead even as you’re sad about what’s left behind. And if you’re headed to a school as awesome as George Mason, it’s all the easier to be excited for the future.

(Goodbyes still stink though, and you can bye ne of Michael’s t-shirts expressing that here:

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  • When you mentioned ‘captain Jack’ the first thing that came to mind was THIS IS THE TALE OF CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!

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