Starbucks and Studying

by Chloe, a Patriot Blogger

Ah, Starbucks. A place where all college students can come to enjoy their daily caffeine injections, chat, surf the web, or study, which is exactly what I should be doing right now. My professor let class out early to review for our midterm, but I find it extremely difficult to concentrate on studying on a day as pretty as this. Approximately 70 degrees and sunny, with a light breezy that gently ruffles my hair as it passes through, I find studying can wait as I enjoy my grande-in-a-venti cup of coffee with hazelnut syrup. Listening to Nada Surf, my procrastination method is near perfect.

The only downside to chilling (translation: procrastinating) at Starbucks with my hipster floral sunglasses, googling hipster used bookstores, while not studying for my incredibly white-collar management class is that some of my classmates are also here, diligently studying, unconsciously making me feel like the ultimate slacker. As I look around the relatively quiet Starbucks, I see at least five of the other patrons have “MGMT 301: People and Organizations” open on their tables along with highlighters and class-notes. Hopefully I’m fooling them with my feigned look of concentration and open book on my lap.

I usually enjoy summer classes, and this one is no exception. I like my classmates, my group, my professor, and the material. It usually isn’t difficult to concentrate or get through my work, but sometimes getting out early is worse for studying that just staying in class and continuing to review the material. There an ability to go with the flow of studying with the later, but with the former, you have to self-motivate, a near impossible task on this summer’s day.

Solution? Text a member of the aforementioned group to come and study with me. Hopefully, the two of us can keep each other on task long enough to make some progress.