Start of a New Year

by Heather, a Patriot Blogger

Dear future Masonites,

Since I havent written in a while, let me update you on the past month.

Demcember was mostly a blur of finals and preparation for finals. Although I have heard alot of horror stories about finals week and how kids dissapear into the library and not heard of again for hours, I was lucky to have a more relaxing finals week. Most of my studying was done at saxby’s with a cup of hot chocolate (my favorite is the monkey banana or something like that, its basically chocolate and banana and it’s AMAZING!!). Anyway, I didnt have much pressure on my finals since it didn’t really matter what grade I got on them, I would still get the same final grade. I was very fortunate to get a 730 am final on the last day of finals (in reality it sucked to wait until after everyone had left and then get up at 630 to take a 50min final) but then I faced the task of taking two buses, a metro trip and a car ride home. It wouldve been just a car ride home, but my boyfriend and his mom offered to drive me home, so i took 2 buses and a metro to college park since my boyfriend goes to University of Maryland.

Once I got home it finally started to feel like the holidays. It was weird thinking that Christmas was only a week away because normally all of December drags on as Christmas slowly approaches, but being on campus and having finals sadly takes away from the Christmas spirit no matter how many ABC Family 25 days of Christmas movies you watch or how many lights are hung in your room (yupp I was that person who had lights and all in my room). Anyway, that week before Christmas was just a whirlwind of activities and doing touristy stuff since I brought a friend home who is from New Zealand. Its crazy how much stuff touristy stuff there is to do in a place like this, but is usually forgotten about when you live here and are just trying to find something to do on a Friday night.

On Christmas day, my sister wrote my parents a note asking if we could all accompany her to Florida since she was going to be playing in a soccer college showcase. Originally it was only going to be there, and one of my parents and the rest of us were going to stay behind since my friend and I had to be back on campus on January 3rd for track practice. However, my parents gave in and we all went to DISNEY WORLD!! Thus started another whirlwind week of activities.

On the way back from Disney World my parents and sisters stopped at Fairfax to drop my friend and I back off at school for track practice. This then began the three weeks of training before anyone else got back to school. Basically we had alot of time to relax and do other stuff. I spent a good portion of it reading the Hunger Games, which is absolutely amazing and you have to read it if you havent already! That brings us up to this past Monday when classes started. Unfortuantely, I had to take another Monday night lab!! But other than that all of my other classes seem really interesting, I’ll let you know how they are after I get more of a feel for them.

~love Heather