The Feeling of Happiness

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

As I was walking back from my first exam, done with biology this semester, there was a light breeze and I inhaled.


Not quite freedom, as I also had two exams the following Monday, but happiness.

So I asked my roommates what came to mind when I said the word, “happiness.”

Disney world on a fifth birthday or a family vacation to Maine. Christmas trees, family, excessive laughter and home-cooked meals. Shopping for presents, buying groceries with pages of coupons, and listening to a grandfather’s family memoirs. Shooting your first soccer goal, the sound of fans cheering you on, or even roommates encouraging you to ace a final. Drawing with chalk on the sidewalk with your neighbors on a sunny day, or being wheeled around in a wagon when you were five…

Inhale & Look at your new memories... Lauren > Judd ^

Most likely, there is a certain feeling of happiness that comes from an assortment of memories, not just one. As finals come to an end with the semester, the feeling as you walk out of those doors is happiness, exultation and achievement.

The bliss reward of hard work, like Judd Nelson fist-pumping in the air at the end of Breakfast Club. Our lives can be like 80s movies reinvented; our lives can be their “best” at the cheesiest moments that we’ll always remember.

But whatever we associate with happiness, be it the smell of a wonderful lavender flower, the color of that vibrant sweater from childhood, or the feeling of that plush blanket your grandmother made for you, we have those moments to look back on and still have precious time to make more.