The Magical Eighth Note

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

Have you ever been confused or tired of something? Was something ever bothering you and you didn’t know where to turn? Has there ever been a time where you had to solely rely on yourself?

I turn to music.

I have this belief that everyone has a muse through which they best express themselves whenever overwhelmed; whether it be music, movies, dance, improvisation or theater, exercise and sports, books, or friends and event planning, there is a muse for everyone.

Improv Team @High School: 

The challenge is finding that muse and gathering the courage to realize that sometimes it’s okay to lean on something abstract in order to deal with the drama.

And when you find that muse, it’s your escape to a calmer reality that allows you to separate, to the best of human nature, your emotions from the situation and reevaluate.

So, why the need for expression?

Second Semester! For some reason, and this is confirmed by everyone I talk to, this second semester means double the stress from the first. I’m not sure if it’s the switch from ‘gen ed’s’ to major classes or the transition to upper-level courses, but suddenly the workload is an endless mountain that you feel like you’re climbing, but maybe you’re just sliding backwards.

I stick the headphones in each ear, turn on my iPod and start the shuffle. The notes come alive, spreading from the screen, lighting up the cord, and filling to my ear where my olfactory bulbs pick up the energy and transmit the information to my busy little neurons.

Everything about us includes some science (reactions, behavior, responses), even the pulsing need to break free from restrictions and express ourselves.

Responding to that science, Fenwick Library offers the soothing coffee aroma, snacks, all while luring you into the studious environment you need!

So, even though I know it’s crazy for everyone—whether it’s applying, hearing back, or choosing a college, keeping up grades while becoming more active on campus, or trying to meet new people in classes—just embrace your stress, hold your muse tight, and ride on top the waves of the parasympathetic autonomic system calming you down.