The Office

by Adam, a Patriot Blogger 

No not that Office. I heard it took a huge downhill turn after Steve Carrell left anyway. I wanted to introduce you to the student media office here at Mason. Or at least a small part of it.

Since it might be awhile before I get to enjoy the thrills of “Bring Your Son/Daughter To Work Day” I’m going to get excited about sharing this experience with you.

And hey, maybe it will make you want to be a part of student media at Mason. I hope it does.

Without further ado…

I couldn’t tell you all the cool stuff I get to do at C2M in a 1:00 video, but I love my job. I’ve gotten to write stories about campus events, administration changes, athlete arrests, athletic events, and a lot more. The best part is I’ve learned a lot.

My co-workers and I joke sometimes about how classes sometimes get in the way of our “college experience.” That’s no knock on the classes really, at least not for me. I’ve had a lot of great classes. But there have just been so many different organizations, groups, and activities I’ve been eager to get involved with at Mason, sometimes I wish I had free reign to dive into it all.