Three Weeks In

by Grant, a Patriot Blogger

If you can’t fight and you can’t flee.  Flow. -Robert Elias

This is what I have been doing for the past three weeks at school.  It has been a crazy time.  Running to and from class, from ultimate to pep band and then to Fraternity meetings.  It has been a complete rush.

So now is time to reintroduce myself and tell you what has been going on.  This is my Junior Year studying Government and History with a minor in Intelligence Analysis.  I am a member of the Honors College, Green Machine (the pep band), Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and Club Ultimate Frisbee.  I work at the Office of Orientation and Family Programs and Services and I am an on-campus student.

So I guess I can start there.  This year I am living in the glory that is Northern Neck.  There are a couple of benefits to living here.  For starters, my room looks like this:

Ok so the reason I didn’t write this post sooner was because I was hoping that at some point our apartment would be clean but my life hasn’t slowed down enough to clean everything.  So right now I am losing the battle but someday I will win it and the apartment will be clean.  Some other benefits are we are right on top of Starbucks (I don’t drink coffee but my girlfriend was very happy).  Also we are pretty close to the center of campus and my classes are only about two minutes away.  So overall I am living on cloud nine.

Work has pretty much slowed down to a halt.  After welcome week, I have only had to go into a few office hours but during those office hours I have been planning an event to put on for my small group members.  It is like a last send off from us.  My Patriot Leader took us to the Rat (which is the sports bar on campus) and I took my small group last year to a Mason Soccer game.   This year we are working with other Patriot Leaders and have been given a budget so the event will be even better.  I’m not sure exactly what we have decided upon but I am sure it will be good.  I am excited to see my small group members again.  I have seen a couple of them around campus which has been cool but hanging out with them again will be nice.

Pep Band has started up again with a bang.  We have twice as many people as last year! It is insane.  We have around eight tuba players, eighteen trumpet players, a harp, a keytar, and so much more.  It is just crazy the amount of people and energy people have been putting into the band this year.  The Freshman can play well too which is a plus.  They have been a little shy about dancing and yelling but I am sure they’ll get it together.  Over the summer, our assistant director has been arranging away.  We have three new or revamped songs.  One is funk and two are DUBSTEP.  I was surprised at how awesome the arrangements turned out.  Our pep band is nothing like a normal one, I knew this before, but Dubstep is taking it to a whole different level.  I am excited for things to come and be on the lookout for youtube videos or some videos from me on here.

Ultimate is starting out well.  At the end of last year I was voted to be co-captain of the B-team.  So the club team does not cut people but we have a more competitive team and a team that is more focused on teaching (i.e. the B-team).  We both go to tournaments and practice three days a week so I am quite happy with playing on B-team again.  Last year it was not as good as it could have been because we did not have many people.  That won’t be an issue this year.  Combined we usually have around 45-50 people at practice for both teams.  It is amazing.  I could not be happier.  Something happened to my quad the second week of practice so I have not played as much as I wanted too but I am hoping this week will end with me back to full health.  If not I am going to Student Health Services and see what they think.  This is what the end of practice looks like:

Academically, this year is going to be on point.  I went to see my adviser and he said that I am on track to graduate next year.  He also got me on the government e-mail list serve.  I am currently on the email list for History majors and I get tons of emails about internships and opportunities so I wanted the same from  the government department.  Right after I got that all set up, I got an email about a new program starting at Mason.  It is called Global Policy Fellows.  This program focuses on small class sizes and has an internship component.  I am applying to be part of the first call of Global Policy Fellows and I really want to get in.  International relations is something I have always enjoyed.  So, this is a great opportunity for me.  Furthermore I am really enjoying my classes this year, especially elementary arabic.  I had my first quiz in Arabic yesterday and afterwards our teach made us Moroccan tea.  That was the pick me up I needed due to the fact that it had been rainy all day and I stressed out about the quiz (even though it turned out it was not that hard).

As for my involvement in Phi Mu Alpha, I will get to that in my next post.  It has been a good start to the year and I am very glad to have to opportunity to share my life through this blog.  Buckle up for Junior Year.