Value of Life

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

In today’s modern society, it’s hard to find true meaning that can inspire you to find your own path or appreciate things. However, today I managed to do just that.

Realize the value of life.

We can get so caught up in exams, finals, labs, classes, work, drama, family, and the list goes on. I find that these next few weeks after students have gotten a tease of a break are the hardest, and longest, to go through.

But then some things happen, or someone makes you smile–or you even make someone smile. It’s then that you take a step back and breathe. For my University 100 class we’re presenting our final projects on our journey towards picking a major or narrowing down the options. We had to watch these videos on YouTube called Road Trip Nation. Essentially, a group of people interview famous people on advise to being successful.

Don’t give up and keep on dreaming.

It seems cliché for anyone famous to say these things, because they’ve made it to the top. But if you watch enough videos and take them seriously enough, you’ll realize that maybe the rare viewpoint is what makes them successful: they’re not afraid to match aspirations with reality.

For some reason, in addition to these presentations and reflections, Swedish House Mafia’s “Save the World’s” music video came on at Ike’s. Powerful and cheesy too. For people who haven’t seen it, the scene starts out with a few people being attacked in the daily hazards of life: a shop robbed, a mugging, a car robbery, etc. It’s hard to think that life goes on when you’re in college.

My Project:

That sounds weird, but college is consuming. It’s always ‘go, go, go’ with things to do, advisors to meet, work to tweak, etc. sometimes it’s hard to balance everything with realizing how life is off campus. Even a music video can hit home that despite the hardships of college, we should be thankful for the chance to be safe at Mason, to be able to achieve higher education.

We should make the most of it.

So, when the dogs rallied and ran, in slow motion, it was a heartwarming end to a serious topic: sometimes you hit hardships, but it’s important to realize what it is that we have, what makes us special and makes our life worth dreaming about.