What School Spirit Means to Me

When I was in high school, I barely went to any school events. Outside of a tiny group of friends, I didn’t really feel connected to the school at all. I rarely knew when games were, and could count the number of times I went to one in my entire four years on one hand. It’s stunning and a bit sad to look back at now, since I love George Mason so much.
The school itself is amazing, of course—it’s location and look and the work ethic of everyone here makes it one of the best universities in Virginia. This is something you probably already knew doing your research on us, and even seen if you came to visit. I’m talking about more than that. There are a lot of schools that work hard and rank high in both state and local comparisons. What about this school makes it so special to me?
The community I’ve found here is amazing, and something I didn’t see anywhere else in all my college visits. They were nice and friendly schools, sure, but they didn’t feel like they would fit me necessarily all that well. They felt either too big and mazelike or too small and claustrophobic. With Mason, despite being late and nervous and a touch scared, I felt right at home from the moment I stepped on campus. Because of that, school spirit came naturally to me. It wasn’t that the school I happened to be zoned for happened to have a team that was competing against the team of a school I happened to not go to—I’m supporting friends and family, and they support me when I go out for something school related. School spirit means being proud of my community’s accomplishments like I’m proud of my little sister for being such a good student or starting her own club. I love this school, and will be so proud this weekend when we take on Fordham for our Homecoming Game. Go Patriots!