Why Does Location Matter?

map-pointWritten By: Ayleah Hanton, Patriot Blogger

When searching for colleges to attend, you may overlook one important aspect about a school. Its location! Where your school is place can be just as important as other factors. George Mason is located in Fairfax, VA. You may be thinking. Fairfax doesn’t sound like a very attractive area but hear me out. Mason is just 15 miles away from Washington DC. If that doesn’t scream opportunity, I don’t know what else would.

Living so close to D.C gives you the opportunity to make our nation’s capital your personal playground. You can visit the National Mall or become an Intern with the FBI. Our location makes it easier for the world to become your oyster! If you don’t look at our proximity to D.C, Northern Virginia has plenty of companies that are looking for young students who are eager to learn. Fairfax is a county with such character that it seems to have some sort of event going on all of the time. Mason is deemed to be one of the safest, largest and most beautiful residential campus. You live in a suburban town that sometimes feels like a big city and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Life at Mason is always interesting. If you don’t believe us, come take a tour with us and see why our students are falling in love Mason’s location!