You stay classy, San Diego.

by Caroline Davis, Senior Admissions Counselor 

Mmm, San Diego.  Drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

Alright, I’ll stop quoting Anchorman.  I stepped foot in San Diego a few days ago, and man oh man, am I loving it.  What a beautiful city!

Every year in early September, the Admissions Office (or the AO, as I like to call it) hits the road and travels the country to visit students like you!  It’s one of my favorite times of the year because I get to meet students in-person and bring a bit of the Patriot Life over to you in your own neighborhood.  We travel the country (and even go abroad!) – Chicago, Nashville, Seattle, Boston, Miami, Charlotte, Dallas, Phoenix…the list goes on.   I spent last week in New Orleans and am now in sunny Southern California, taking in the sights, and soaking up some rays!

I love to travel and have gotten to jet set to a lot of amazing cities (all-time favorite: London!), but somehow had never made it to the west coast of the states.  So, needless to say, my sightseeing wish list is long!  Too long, in fact, unless I don’t sleep!  I swore off all-nighters after a miserable economics exam freshman year though, so that’s not an option.  So, I unfortunately have to cut my list down to a few top picks…that is, until my next trip to San Diego!

Item number 1: Scenic drives, and sunny rays!

Item number 2: Go wild – by seeing wildlife, that is!

It’s been an action-packed and unforgettable few days, and as much as I have loved exploring the west coast, the real highlight of this trip has been meeting the high school students (shout-out to all you great San Diego students!).  This is the best part of working in college admissions – getting to know all the amazing applicants.

Students always ask me how they can stand out in a sea of applications – is there something they can do to be remembered?  To be liked?  To be admitted?

I don’t have a magic trick to share, but there are steps you can take to stand out in the admissions process.  The students we’ll never forget are the ones who reach out to us, make a connection, show their love and excitement for Mason, and demonstrate how passionate and genuine they are in life.  Contact your Mason counselor, introduce yourself, and share why you are head over heels madly in love with Mason (as you should be!).  Convey your excitement about being a part of campus life – want to join the Underwater Hockey team?  Want to join the Patriot Platoon at our DIV I basketball games?  Want to work with our campus radio station and develop your broadcast journalism skills?  Tell us!  Whether you choose to communicate this through an email, a phone call, or the Personal Statement portion of your application, a true passion for Mason will be remembered.

Another way to stand out in the admissions process?  My personal favorite- the video essay!

Mason was the first university to partner with YouTube to create an optional video essay as part of the application, and I cannot get enough of these videos.  I’ve seen videos of students singing for us, performing a Mason cheer with their sports team, taking us on a tour of their high school, creating an alphabet of reasons why Mason is the best place on earth, and so many more unforgettable videos that show me just how excited you are to join Mason’s community and add to campus life.  This is how you stand out in the admissions process – by showing us why Mason stands out to you.  And what better way to be remembered than to be memorable?

So get creative, and let us get to know you!

You stay classy, San Diego!

Caroline Davis, Senior Admissions Counselor (email me with your sight-seeing picks for your city – I’d love to read them!)

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  • I love San Diego!
    Thanks for the great advice about admissions I will definitely be applying it to my application.

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