Blackout Thunder-Snow

by Brenda Shepard, Admissions Representative

Now, I consider myself to be a “tough New England girl,” and I thought I had lived through some pretty crazy winters in New England. I’ve seen snow piles taller than my father and my fair share of days off from school. Never in my life have I been without power for so long and seen ramifications of this extent after a storm.

No one was prepared well enough for this storm, but to be fair, the weather forecasters didn’t seem to know it would be this bad. As I walked around (since there’s nothing else to do when there’s no power), I saw trees limbs scattered around the roads like spaghetti after a food fight. Other trees met their fate and were simply split right in half, or uprooted by the severe wind and heavy snowfall. 

Sitting in the dark of a friend’s apartment, I thought of only one thing: George Mason University, I miss you! Yes, we get snow in Virginia, and maybe it’s because I’ve never seen destruction of quite this magnitude on campus, but Mason always made me feel safe and warm, even if we lost power for an hour or so during cold winter months. New England is nice, and yes, the snow is beautiful, but this was really quite ridiculous.

One more week and I’ll be back in the warmth of the GMU Admissions Office. This travel season has been exciting to say the least, and this was probably the most eventful way to finish it. All I can say is the following: 1) Mason, thank you for this hotel room where I can finally have a hot shower and a fully charged cell phone, and 2) leave the light on for me because I’ll be there shortly!

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