Halloween away from Home

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

It was the first Halloween weekend to be away from home and what a unique memory! It was quite fascinating to see the fall leaves covered with a mist of snow and the roofs to be white rather than gray.

Even more peculiar, as I braved the storm to stock up on Ramen noodles and the other classic food of college students from the JC’s General Store, I had to aim my umbrella in front of me, almost like it was a cane through which I was making myself a path through the hail.

However, it was different spending Halloween away from home. It’s been over a month since I’ve last seen my family and I believe that there are times when you will miss them– and that’s okay. Sometimes you will miss your family, or your dog, or your fish, or even your newborn cousin. Sometimes a phone call won’t take that feeling immediately away.

It is at this time that I suggest, if you’re close enough to home, to take a visit down, or invite the ‘rents to go out for some food. If you’re not close to home, Skype conversations can ameliorate the feeling.

The beauty about living on campus is that everyone around you is experiencing all the emotions you are, only at varying degrees and time periods. For instance, someone on your hall may have already had a ‘college low’ and can give you tips on how to get over that lump, or point out that the cause might be low amounts of sleep allowing everything to just ‘hit’ you.

In essence, the beauty of living on campus is having a home away from home. At anytime in my hall, you can knock on anyone’s door, where you can take a homework break, share a funny story, or share Halloween candy. At anytime, you can have a dance party in your room and invite other floor mates to join you; in fact, if you leave your door cracked open, people might just be drawn towards the fun…

So, at any stage of your life, there will be highs and there will be lows. In either situation, you will create memories, make stronger friendships, and learn more about yourself and who you are. College is the time of exploration, of discovering your talents, majors, desires and goals for the future, and learning how you are going to achieve those goals. But to become so insightful and enlightened about yourself, you have to be realistic about how your habits will affect you and when it’s okay to miss people, reconnect with high school friends, go to bed early, eat at the Rat and laugh while listening to music, and think about aspects of your life.