How Long is Long Island?

by Andrew Bunting, Admissions Counselor

“So, Andrew,” my mother jested, “just how long is Long Island?”  Such a question never really interested me that much because despite being a lifelong New Jersey resident, I had been to New York and ‘The City’ a grand total of 1 time in my entire life; it was when I was still in elementary school which doesn’t really count.  And even though I was in the midst of planning my seven weeks of travel to the New York area, I knew next to nothing about New York as a state, the schools I would be visiting, or the students I would be speaking with.  My ignorance, however, was soon replaced by understanding.

An understanding that it’s a New York State law to signal ALL lane changes.  An understanding that a 55 mph speed limit is, for most people, more like a speed minimum.  And an understanding that students from Long Island are really ready for the college experience. Honestly, one of the biggest surprises that I’ve come across out here was not the 2:00am fire in my hotel (it was a false alarm), but the caliber and enthusiasm of the students.  And these students all seem to have the same question:

What is campus like?  

This is, actually, my favorite question to answer because it all stems back to finding that ‘right fit’ school.  And the only way to find that school is to visit and go on a campus tour!

Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, rain or shine, summer, winter, fall, or spring, it’s a great day to come see our dazzling suburban campus located just minutes from Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital. Come experience a day on campus and see what it means to be a Patriot!

So far I’ve had a great time out here on Long Island, and though I’ve learned a lot about the people, the schools, and the state, I still have yet to figure out just how long Long Island really is.