Let’s work out

by Grant, a Patriot Blogger

This week has seen a major spike in my working out.  Wednesday, I had pep band practice.  (if you don’t know, our pep band is killer.  Check us out on youtube. Doc Nix and the Green Machine)  Usually this just means I dance around for a while but this week was different.  Friday, the 14th, is an event called Mason Madness.  This is the kick off of the Basketball season and is like a major pep rally.  It is always alot of fun and pretty spectacular but this year we have some major plans.  The band, the Masonettes (dance team), urbanology (The hip-hop dance squad), and possibly the cheerleaders are having a joint performance.  We are playing Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, which involves doing drill and dancing.  Drill, I am ok with because I was a marching band geek but dancing is another story.  I have just fallen back in love with dancing but I am not good with choreography and that is what we practiced at pep band.  My shirt was soaked with sweat and after doing the routine multiple times I got sore and tired.  Normally this would have been fine because I don’t usually do anything else active but now I have joined the club ultimate Frisbee team.  So on Thursday, after class, I was off to my first practice with the team.  Being fairly athletic, I did not expect to get worn out but sometimes things don’t always go as expected.  We practiced for two and a half hours which involved a scrimmage and multiple drills.  I also learned that I wasn’t as good as I thought I was.  These guys are serious and it shows.  I plan on sticking with it though because I miss my soccer team from home and I like the team and the physical activity.  After practice though, I fell asleep and it was only 8:30.  We had practice again on Friday but this one was not as bad but after working out three days in a row it was pretty killer.  Now fast forward through a weekend of just bumming around.  Monday night (I love three day weekends) I did something called Ab Ripper X.  One of my suite mates is super buff so he asked my roommate and I to join him in a work out earlier this year.  Thinking that it would be great to have six-pack abs, my roommate and I agreed.  This work out is super intense and I couldn’t move or laugh the next day because my abs hurt so bad.  Now, we haven’t been the most faithful but we do it probably about once a week.  So all total, I have worked out four times this week (almost five but I declined to lift weights with some of the ultimate guys) which is about four times more than usual. Although I can barely walk up the stairs to my apartment, at least I won’t have to worry about gaining fifteen pounds this year.

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