Marlin found Nemo; I found…

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

My Major!

You see, as I was leaving my genetics class in Lecture Hall, I briefly turned around to see the PowerPoint slide about blood types still up. Returning forward, I saw some of the next class’s sociology students cringing at the sight.

I simply smiled. I guess to anybody but myself the smile was one of those “she’s talking to herself in her mind” awkward moments.

Back to majors. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to the sciences all of a sudden. Perhaps it’s because of Mason’s Krasnow Institute that is literally five feet from my dorm or the sheer number of cool courses the school offers: anatomy, animal biology, neuroscience and technology.  But thanks to the life lessons in Finding Nemo, I kept searching until I found what I was looking for, in the Undeclared LLC!

Cue confused face:

“Are we really at the White House?”

I still live in the Undeclared LLC, but that’s great. It allows me to see the perspective I only recently switched from and grow with my floormates as we all learn more about ourselves. Therefore, I now know that it’s okay to not have a major as long as you’re willing to try something new.

I always believed I hated math, but now I can’t imagine not using it everyday to calculate applicable relationships.

So, I know math really isn’t a nightmare but how do you know you’ve found your niche?

You smile in class. Cue cheesy smiling face:

“Mason Day!”

Repeat this action frequently. And if you happen to experience your face light up in sheer fascination about certain mutations* and recessive characteristics*, and look around to see similar mirrored expressions in your peers, you’ll know like I did.

(Substitute with other cool subjects like media, communication, journalism, nursing, advertising, business, criminology, etc.)

Perhaps I knew in my chemistry lab when I jumped with joy when my solutions mixed and a baby pink color appeared from a clear beaker.

But it’s so easy to doubt yourself, your future goals and desires. We change our minds about the little things everyday—what we want to eat, wear, say to people. So how are we supposed to make such an important decision about our future?

It will fall into place if you are open to new classes or paths. It may not come in a semester, two, or three, but that’s okay, too. I’m not sure if it’s similar to the “finding the perfect wedding dress” analogy, where you “just know,” since picking a major takes a lot more work that happenstance.

But you will know when you’ve found the right one.

And the best part? You’ll get to see the really cool people in your major regularly and next thing you know, another friend group is born.

Cue happy dance:
The Edge Outdoor Interactive Experience with my LLC!”

And to leave this blog about nostalgic memories I only realized last week, I’ll end with this: I now have more than ten subcultures of various stages of growing drosophila flies!

So, if you cringed at that vivid, buzzing, flapping picture, that reaction is food for thought about what you want to do… 🙂

Keep on swimming!