Mason Nation!

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

On a friday night in October, while the leaves were falling and the pumpkins were grinning, Mason was celebrating Madness…:

When you think of high school, the image that comes to mind includes the football games and school spirit. It’s a misconception that spirit is only an important factor in high school, because it is just as important in college, if not even more for larger schools. Mason Madness was an awesome opportunity to see students get decked out in gold and green, including (but definitely not limited to) hair dye, face paint, wacky leg wear, and even shiny wigs! Since the key song this year is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, every student and parent is familiar with the song, making it a common ground between diverse students scattered around campus with varying schedules.

So, my floor mates and I are excited for basketball season (especially myself since I come from a high school with no more than six hundred students total)! Everyone’s stocking up on green and gold, taking advantage of the sales in the Bookstore, and practicing hand-eye coordination with our pom-poms.

I recommend that any prospective student or family come out and experience a basketball game; whether it’s to visit the Patriot Center, feel the electric atmosphere of our Mason Nation, or come to realize the importance of college spirit, it’s definitely an experience worth having and sharing by commenting on this blog!