Woah Midterms!

by Kathleen, a Patriot Blogger

The most amazing thing to watch in college is the transformation of study habits.

For the first month, my floor was the happening floor: late-night pancake runs, doors always open, movie marathons. Now, however, as exams are approaching and midterms looming, the study room is actually being utilized for its stated purpose.

It’s inspiring to listen to conversations around campus revolve around tests. It’s shocking to find the library packed on various levels.

The most visible experiences of college studying I’ve seen is the compilation of books. I love seeing study groups, I love seeing people giving each other advice on papers, projects, trick mathematical formulas.

Just now, the inspiration behind this post over chemistry homework, my suit mate needed an example of breaking a social norm for her paper, which by the way, she wrote with the help of another roommate’s psychology book, and my roommate gave her an example she executed for her high school class.

As a people watcher, as a possible neuro major, human interactions like these make me smile.

So, don’t be ashamed of studying or being intellectual, the nice thing about college?

Most people actually want to do well and put forth their best work; if they’re on your floor, you just see the ‘behind the cool face’ persona.